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Release Date
Developer InnoGames
Publisher InnoGames
Genre Browser Game, strategy, citybuilding

Forge of empires(2012)

Forge of Empires, City Building Strategy Game

TheMan September 11, 2015 20 likes

Forge of Empires is a 2D free-to-play browser game from InnoGames, whom you may remember as the creator of the incredibly popular Tribal Wars game. Within the first eight weeks of its release, Forge of Empires had one million users registered and building their empires. And the game’s only gotten exponentially bigger because it’s not all hype. It’s not just luck that got Forge of Empires nominated for MMO Game of the Year.

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In this free-to-play strategy game, players must create their own city and manage it from the Stone Age and progress through different historical periods including the Middle Ages and the Industrial Age, all the way to the Contemporary Era.

Unlike other free online city builder games, players have control over building placement in their cities and can arrange them however they want rather than having them placed automatically. It may seem like an insignificant detail, but this freedom of customization breeds an attachment to the game, which is a mistake most free online games make.

The graphics are one of the things in particular that set Forge of Empires apart from the crowded free online strategy game market. Its simple yet pleasant style really brings your buildings and civilization to life as you battle through the lengthy PvE campaign.

One thing that might be polarizing to potential Forge of Empires players is the focus on the PvE campaign with little PvP elements. Personally, we don’t mind it because this means that all your progress isn’t undone by some free gaming troll, but be wary, it can still happen.

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When you’re not worrying about getting sacked by players only there for the PvP, the game’s progression is paced in such a way that players are hardly ever left hanging. There are always new upgrades within reach or a quest that needs completing, so you are never left feeling lost when it seems your border can’t expand any further (which, by the way, it always can).

Overall, Forge of Empires is a good, solid game. The gameplay’s mixture of conquering enemies, upgrading technologies and diplomacy between other players makes it infinitely fun. It isn’t easy bringing up a civilization from the Stone Age to present day, especially with rival players, factions and AI trying to stifle your progress at every turn. But with the right strategy, this free browser game is incredibly rewarding once mastered.