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Release Date
Developer InnoGames
Publisher InnoGames
Genre Browser Game, strategy, citybuilding

League of angel II(2016)

League of angel II

TheMan May 10, 2016 25 likes

The sequel to the award-winning and super popular free-to-play MMORPG League of Angels developed and published by GTArcade is a smashing success from start to finish as it raises the bar for all free online browser games.

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In League of Angels II, the angels are no longer being persecuted. Since the original game, 100 years have passed and the angels have thrived and prospered since they escaped the annihilation of their world and settled upon Elysium. Though peace reigned supreme for decades, there is an even more fearsome foe they must face: themselves. Players start the free MMO game by swearing allegiance to one of three different factions: the Midas kingdom, the Celestial kingdom or the Tempest kingdom. After choosing a side, players must then guide their hero and their allies through a number of quests to seize control of the world.

League of Angels II contains in the same great, turn-based MMORPG combat from the original but they have completely revamped the look. Where the original used an isometric 2D point of view, the new edition has a new, refined 3D engine, which makes the numerous animations, textures and effects all the more stunning. As far as free online games go, you’ll be hard pressed to find one that’s better looking than this free-to-play MMORPG. During the 2 years of the game’s development, GTArcade was vocal about wanting to push the limits of free online games and they have definitely succeeded in terms of visuals.

On top of the completely revamped look and feel, League of Angels II also introduces a new advanced progression system for Heroes, Angels and Holy Relics. Angels now have more diverse skills that can be developed similarly to Heroes. They can be trained, evolved and equipped. Plus, with nearly 60 unique Heroes and Angels, players now have unparalleled flexibility in their party formations.

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Great graphics and exciting new progression system aside, the most impressive part of this free-to-play MMORPG is how massive it is. It will be hard for players to get bored with the free online game simply because there are so many story dungeons, normal dungeons, elite dungeons and other game modes to play. Whenever you need a break from ploughing through the story, you can come up on some diamonds and prestige in the Arena. Or you can stock up on Mastery Stones, gold and Relic Essences in the Hero Trial. Or you could explore the Abyss. There are PvE, PvP and co-op quests galore in this free-to-play MMORPG. Given the shortage of content in AAA games, League of Angels II’s wealth of activities really makes us wonder why people are still paying for games when there free games like these on the market.

We truly didn’t think it was possible for League of Angels II to outdo its predecessor, but it has in virtually every way. Veterans of the series should be pleased with the direction of the sequel and new players will be amazed by how much there is to discover.