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Release Date
Developer MindArk
Publisher MindArk
Genre Browser Game, MMORPG,

Planet Calypso (2010)

Planet Calypso

TheMan April 25, 2015 42 likes

If you’re looking to play a free online game where your decisions actually matter and your experience will be entirely different than any other player’s, then look no further than Planet Calypso.

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Unlike so many other free-to-play MMORPGs, there is no script for players to follow in the game. There are no classes in Planet Calypso. Instead, players have a completely open-ended, skill-based system of character progression, which lets players carve out their own path, create their own narratives as they colonize this alien planet, trading and investing with other Calypsians.

Fans of the Elder Scrolls series will be happy to know that the character progression is very similar in Planet Calypso. Rather than spreading points thin to level up, skills advance as they are used! Meaning, if you want to be a weapons specialist, all you need to do is use a wide array of different weapons. If you want to be a support, healing allies and setting up defenses will be what takes you there. Your character, over time, becomes a reflection of how you play the game. Your choices and actions matter, which is a truly incredible achievement for a free online game.

Do you even need to hear about how awesome the visuals, sounds and controls are now that you know it pays to play this free-to-play MMORPG?

If the unprecedented level of autonomy this free MMORPG provides hasn’t intrigued you, maybe this aspect of the game will be the incentive you need to give it a try: you can make money by playing Planet Calypso.

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Now, we are not telling anyone to quit their day jobs. But it is worth knowing that the game features a Real Cash economy that players can reap the benefits of whether they choose to be an explorer, entrepreneur or any of the plethora of professions and roles players can carve out for themselves in the game. The PED currency used on Calypso has a fixed exchange rate of 10 PED = $1 US and the game allows you to deposit and withdraw real money during your adventures on Calypso.

It won’t be easy, but it’s possible for people who dedicate a lot of time and effort in playing the game, perhaps by creating a service that becomes invaluable to the rest of the community or simply making smart investments, this game could become your own personal, secret cash cow!