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Release Date
Developer Wargaming
Publisher Wargaming
Genre Browser Game, strategy,

World of Tanks (2010)

World of Tanks

TheMan April 25, 2015 42 likes

Created by the strategy game masterminds at Wargaming, World of Tanks is a free online shooter game with a ton of tactical elements that need to be taken into consideration if players hope to survive longer than a few seconds once the match begins.

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World of Tanks is one of the most popular free online games out there. However, if you think popularity comes part in parcel with accessibility, you would be incorrect. World of Tanks has a steep learning curve, which makes the tutorial of the utmost importance. If players don’t take the time to learn this free online game’s fundamentals, they are setting themselves up for a ton of frustration and heartache because they’ll need to think outside of the box once they start facing off against real opponents.

Even the most experienced World of Tanks players will be kept on their toes by the number of different game modes available. Newcomer Battles are the perfect place for gamers new to the free online shooter game to cut their teeth. Once you’ve gotten enough licks in Newcomer Battles to no longer be considered a n00b, then you can choose between Standard Battles, Assaults, Encounter Battles, Team Battles, Tank Company Battles, Clan Wars and Strongholds. Most of these game modes consist of 15 vs. 15 PvP with varying objects but madness guaranteed.

World of Tanks is a very well made MMO game. It’s complex both on and off the battlefield with an abundance of content to keep you coming back for more and more.

Sometimes free-to-play MMO games can quickly lose their charm, but that’s not something you need to worry about with World of Tanks. There is a ton of content that’s waiting to be unlocked, such as different tanks from various countries and time periods and each has its own distinct playing style. Light tanks are great for scouting enemy positions. Medium tanks are multi-purpose tanks that can act as scouts, support or front-line attackers. Heavy tanks are slow and heavily armored, designed to crush opponents through sheer force. Tank destroyers are exactly what you would expect based on their name. And finally, SPGs are artillery tanks that provide invaluable support during assaults or defense. The game never loses its appeal thanks to the varying play styles as there’s always a new role, upgrade or vehicle to master.

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It’s also worth noting that World of Tanks is a part of the bustling e-Sports scene, with an official global tournament that had a prize pool of $2.5 million in 2013. There are also smaller tournaments where players compete for gold (the cash shop currency, not the valuable metal), and sometimes smaller cash prizes. This means that if you master this free-to-play game, it might just pay dividends down the road.